Indianapolis DPW patches potholes at scene of deadly crash

DPW crews patch potholes at the scene of the crash.
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Investigators say potholes on a road may have contributed to the death of an off-duty Marion County Sheriff's deputy.

Deputy Eric Stofer, 35, died Sunday evening in a crash near the intersection of Acton Road and Maze Creek Drive on the city's southeast side, near the Johnson County line.

Grieving loved ones placed a cross near the crash site. Stofer was riding a friend's motorcycle along Acton Road when he lost control and crashed.

Marvin Smith was among the first on the scene.

"He was in a lot of pain. We were trying to keep him comfortable," said Smith.

Smith believes road conditions had to be a factor.

"It was a bad deal. His front tire hit him and he wound up on the side. It wasn't a good situation," he said.

Monday morning, Department of Public Works crews were at the crash site filling potholes.

"We sent them out quickly. We want to make sure this doesn't happen again," said Stephanie Wilson, DPW.

The city's pothole viewer shows the city received six complaints about Acton Rd. since last November.

"Those were filled. The problem is they keep coming back," said Jennifer Prickel, resident.

People who live in a development just off Acton Rd. say it has been especially bad this year.

"In a car, you had to swerve to miss it. They were deep enough to bend your rims," said John Burris, resident.

Eyewitness News has been following the issue of pothole-plagued streets for several months, after a brutal winter left Marion County roads crumbling. It's even a concern for the Mini-Marathon, which is less than two weeks away. Crews have been working to repair the roads along the race route, where areas like Michigan and 10th Streets have a good share of deep ruts and potholes. 

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