Indianapolis downgrades travel status to "advisory" at 5pm Tuesday


Marion County's travel status will be downgraded to an advisory at 5:00 pm Tuesday, but roads remain snow-covered and slick. Drivers are advised to use caution and allow for plenty of extra time to get to their destinations.

The Indianapolis Department of Public Works says 90 percent of side streets have been cleared by private contractors.

People who parked their cars along the street will have to dig out - in some cases, from a frozen snow bank. Scrapers are no good, and even with a shovel, the snow is ice-covered and heavy.

Eyewitness News caught up with John Heidelberger, a Holy Cross-area resident who is worried about getting to work Wednesday. It was the first day he'd been outside since Sunday's snow storm.

Heidelberger was scraping a thick layer of ice and snow off his pick-up truck.

"It's not coming off like regular snow. It's more like icy snow!" he said. He was using a shovel to scrape it off his truck.

He was also worried about his engine starting up after the extreme cold.

DPW says plows will return to streets to do additional plowing, and Mayor Ballard believes side streets are clear enough for buses to get through.

The mayor says the main reason people are calling the Mayor's Action Center is to request streets to be cleared. Call 317-327-4622 (Indianapolis only.)

The Pacers-Raptors game is on for Tuesday night.

City-County government will fully reopen on Wednesday, and IndyGo will resume normal bus operations on Wednesday. Trash collection will resume for people who usually have Wednesday trash service.

The mayor is asking all residents: 

Use caution when driving. Allow extra time. Carry an emergency kit in your car.

Clear snow from your driveway and sidewalk and around your fire hydrant, mailbox and storm drain.

Check on elderly residents and disabled and offer assistance with snow removal.