Indianapolis doctor's license suspended over sex allegations

Segun Rasaki
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An Indianapolis doctor who was arrested this month for sexual battery has had his license suspended.

Dr. Segun Rasaki is accused of touching some of his female patients inappropriately. Rasaki has denied the accusations.

The Medical Licensing Board suspended Rasaki's medical license Thursday after sexual battery and battery charges were filed against him.

Once the Marion County prosecutor's office filed the charges, the Attorney General's Office submitted a Petition for Summary Suspension with the Medical Licensing Board. The suspension prevents the physician from practicing for 90 days while a formal complaint is being drafted.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police investigated complaints by female patients regarding "inappropriate sexual touching" by Rasaki during appointments. The department then forwarded the information plus additional complaints to the Attorney General's Office for further review and investigation.

At least two patients claimed they were required to undergo a pelvic exam or pap smear every 30 days without medical necessity. Another patient said she went in to receive treatment for her ankle injury and without examination was prescribed Vicodin and required to undergo a breast exam.

Once a formal administrative complaint is filed, the Medical Licensing Board will determine the appropriate discipline based upon all the facts of the case presented by the Attorney General's Office.