Indianapolis couple wins $1M Powerball prize

This Speedway station will get a $10,000 bonus.
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An Indianapolis couple won $1 million in Wednesday night's Powerball drawing. Floyd and Jan Shirrell were among 25 ticket holders matching five of six numbers.

They bought their ticket at the Speedway at 936 W. County Line Road. A clerk said they went to the store Thursday morning to claim their winnings and were sent to the Hoosier Lottery office downtown.

The couple says they always play the same numbers, but had an issue with the card reader, to they had their numbers selected for them with quick picks. Floyd says he heard on TV Thursday morning where the winning ticket was sold, so he woke up his wife and had her check the numbers with him.

"We went in and I read the first four numbers to her and she said, 'Is the last number 41?' and I said, 'Yes it is'," Floyd said. "She screamed, which began a saga of 'Could it be?' So we checked online to make sure the date was right and sure enough it was it."

Al Larson with the lottery said their after tax prize is about $716,000. He said the Speedway gets a one-percent bonus for selling the winning ticket, which is $10,000.

The Shirrells say they don't plan to change anything after winning the money. They plan to donate to charities and say it will be nice knowing the money is in the bank if they need it.

Since no one won the Powerball, it now climbs to $550 million, the second largest in history.

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