Indianapolis couple survives scary brush with storm

Greg and Jeneen Rucker survived Friday's tornadoes that blew through Henryville.

An Indianapolis couple trapped during one of Friday's tornadoes says what happened to them is nothing short of a miracle.

"It sounded like a 'Woo! Woo! Woo!'," said Jeneen Rucker.

Rucker was describing the start of the tornado that almost caught her and her husband Greg off-guard. As they drove to Memphis, Tennessee Friday, their daughter, Syndi, who they were picking up from college, called to learn their location. At the same time, they heard a warning on the car radio.

"Seek immediate cover and we look to the left and we saw the Henryville sign," Jeneen said.

"My first statement to her was, 'Jeneen, we have to get out of the car,' and we saw a ditch and we were going toward the ditch," Greg said.

But strong winds held the doors shut so tight they could not get out of the car.

"He took his seatbelt off and he just laid over me, he covered me and we just prayed," said Jeneen.

"As the hail came down, there were actual holes in the windshield where the hail came through the windshield," Greg said.

The brunt of the storm happened as soon as the Ruckers got to the Henryville exit on I-65. At one point during the storm, Greg decided to look up.

"I did see trees begin to bend, I saw trees actually breaking and as I saw trees breaking I said nope, I got to stay down," he said.

After the storm, the Ruckers immediately recognized a huge path of destruction.

Jeneen held back tears, saying, "There is nothing there. It was gone!"

The windows were blown out of their 2011 Toyota Camry, which was also damaged by grapefruit-sized hail. Greg used his smart phone to take photos of their severely damaged car, which will most likely be totaled by the insurance company.

After witnessing the damage, they're urging people to help the tornado victims with things like toothbrushes, deodorant, water, clothing in addition to the much needed monetary donations suggested by the American Red Cross.