Indianapolis couple mugged outside apartment for $6


Indianapolis Metro Police are searching for two men who roughed up a couple and pushed a pregnant woman down the stairs.

The violent robbery took place on Wellington Avenue this week on the far east side of Indianapolis.

"My wife gets to about here. He pulls the gun out and says, 'Give me everything you got,'" said Carl Streeval, showing WTHR's crew how two men caught him and his pregnant wife off guard outside their apartment door.

The couple moved into Wellington Village Apartments in January. Carl and his wife's first baby is due in June.

Around 1:00 am Thursday, they got out of their car and walked to their apartment door. That's when one of the suspects tackled Streeval.

"Comes running up behind me. It was like a side hit and that's how I got a black eye. We start rolling around in the dirt right here," he said.

Streeval still has the mud stains on his Colts jacket to go along with the black eye as a reminder of the struggle.

After the second robber pushed his pregnant wife into the handrail, she spoke up to prevent further injury.

"My wife says, 'he's got a gun; give him your wallet,'" said Streeval.

"He gets off me for a second. I give him my wallet. I hold it up in the air, saying, 'Take it, take it, it's yours.' They get it and hop in a car and go," he said.

The couple only had six dollars in cash on them.

Both Carl and his wife hope that at least someone recognizes the car driven by the two men who attacked them. It's a late model four-door silver Chevrolet Impala. If you have any information that could help in this case, call Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.