Indianapolis council passes $1.1B budget

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The Indianapolis City-County Council approved a nearly $1.1 billion budget Monday night.

The mayor's proposed budget does not fund any new police officers. The budget does, however, include money to keep neighborhoods safe.

Democrats are fighting to add 50 new police officers and 30 firefighters. They're also targeting the Capital Improvement Board for $15 million.

Mayor Greg Ballard statement

The mayor released the following statement about the budget vote Monday night:

"Budgeting is not a one-year exercise. It requires prudence and a focus on the long-term fiscal health of our city. The budget in any particular year must help set up future budgets. The Council majority's current plan is unfunded, increases spending, more than doubles the deficit for 2014, and strips support of our downtown economy in order to give tax breaks to a select few.

"The budget I proposed to the Council this year was responsible for the long haul and ensured that income tax dollars are being used to support our police officers and firefighters. There is money for public safety in this year's proposed budget, but only if the Council has the will to make tough choices.

"In the meantime, we must talk frankly about what public safety and criminal justice will look like over the next 20 years. If we don't, the budgeting process will be painful for the next few years. I will spend the next few days reviewing the final document adopted tonight and the many options afforded me by law as Mayor of Indianapolis."