Indianapolis church thankful for Ebola survivor's recovery

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An Ebola survivor who grew up in Indiana calls his recovery a miracle.

Dr. Kent Brantly is out of the hospital and planning to reconnect with his wife and family. Brantly caught the virus in Liberia where he was treating patients in the worst Ebola outbreak in history.

Brantly's childhood church had been praying for a miracle and it seems they got it.

"Please do not stop praying for the people of Liberia and West Africa and for a quick end to this Ebola epidemic," Brantly told reporters at a news conference.

Members of the church Brantly grew up on the southeast side of Indianapolis have heard him loud and clear. After weeks of asking for prayers for Brantly's recovery, the sign outside Southeastern Church of Christ expresses thanks for his recovery and asks for continued prayers for those still affected.

"We don't want this to be the kind of thing where our prayers stop because Kent is now out of Emory Hospital, because Kent is now going to live, because there has been this recovery," said the church's pastor Greg York.

That's why York hopes Brantly's story will continue to inspire others to pray for those who still need help.

"Who of us in Indianapolis thinks about what's going on in terms of the health system in Liberia? Now, I think a lot of people in Indiana are thinking about that. I think that's even an important outcome of this," York explained.

An outcome, including Brantly walking out of an Atlanta hospital, York can only explain this way.

"Is it a miraculous recovery?" he asked. "Others can decide that. Was God in it? I'm pretty sure God has been in this one way or the other, all the way through."