Indianapolis businesses reap Super Bowl benefits

MainGate, which had a piece of last year's action, will handle all game-day merchandise at the Super Dome.
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The Super Bowl is not in Indianapolis this year, but Indiana businesses will still benefit from the game.

MainGate is an official merchandise supplier. Eyewitness News went inside the business to find out how the company scored such a super deal.

Last year's Super Bowl was huge for Indianapolis, but this year's game in New Orleans is bigger yet for MainGate, a company that does event retail and merchandise.

"Let's face it, this is as big as it gets in our business," said Dave Moroknek, MainGate CEO.

MainGate, which had a piece of last year's action, will handle all game-day merchandise at the Super Dome.

"I think our hard work and planning showed the NFL what we could do," said Moroknek.

Indianapolis-based Lids, which opened a temporary store in the old Nordstorm downtown last year, also scored. It will sell Super Bowl products at the NFL experience.

"To have that type of impact on the Super Bowl says a lot for our city, the type of people who live here and how we conduct business," said Moroknek.

Melissa Marlar is one of nearly 100 MainGate employees soon heading south.

"I'll be doing all the visual merchandising for each stand," she said.

MainGate is preparing forty-four stands in all. It's a lot of work, but she's excited, as are others here.

"We couldn't have asked for anything else. It's probably the biggest event I've been to. I volunteered. I worked it last year and it was very exciting and fun," said Megan Schoonaert, MainGate employee.

MainGate is the merchandise partner with the Colts and five other NFL teams. It's hoped after the Super Bowl they'll expand the field even more.

Like last year, there won't be much time to watch the game, but Moroknek does have an interest in who plays.

"I'm kind of rooting against New England only because they were here last year and I think a team that's not been in a while will bring more fans. - not be like, 'Here we are again,'" he said.

But either way, MainGate and Lids still win.

Indianapolis-based Sports Graphics is also involved in this year's Super Bowl in New Orleans.