Indianapolis business pays for EMS break room renovation

Medics work 12-hour shifts and they don't get much chance to rest in between runs.
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First responders are the first to arrive at emergency scenes, but until they get the call, an Indianapolis businessman is making sure an east side EMS crew has a nice place to wait.

Anne Edwards is a paramedic with Indianapolis EMS. She's worked out of Station 10 on the east side for the past seven years. It's one of the busiest neighborhoods for medics.

"We work a 12-hour shift and we do about 10-12 runs in that 12 hours," said Edwards. "Every time the tones go off and you get a call, you don't know what you are going on."

It's a stressful job with up and down emotions, and very little down time.

But when there is downtime, the medics of Station 10 share one small, cramped room - hardly a place to relax after a busy emergency call.

Now that room is getting a makeover thanks to local businessman Michael Browning, and Browning Investments.

"I think one of the things that makes our community very good is public-private partnership. When you have some needs and you can't quite get it in ordinary way, there are ways to figure out things that most time stay under radar," said Browning.

Dr. Charles Miramonti is the chief of the Indianapolis EMS.

"This serves as kind of our home away from home for the crews during the day throughout their shifts," said Dr. Miramonti.

He says the department is always looking for ways to get lean and keep costs down while maintaining quality conditions for staff.

"It's an awesome example of corporate citizenship and investment back into the city. It's why Indianapolis is such a fantastic city to live and why we love our job here," said Miramonti.

The room is getting new cabinets, flooring and paint, along with new chairs for the rare moment of relaxation. It's a big change for the crew of Medic Station 10. The reaction?

"Wow, this is beautiful! This is absolutely awesome!"

As for the man who made the makeover all possible? "this is all good. Nice time of year to get this done. Thanksgiving! This is good," said Browning.

It's something members of Medic 10 will be grateful for year round.

There are five other rooms just like the one belonging to Medic 10. Those will also be getting makeovers in the next six months.