Indiana unlikely to make cold meds prescription-only

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Troubles caused by methamphetamine makers around Indiana have spurred local officials to argue for a state law requiring prescriptions to buy cold medicines containing the key meth ingredient of pseudoephedrine.

State lawmakers are considering a proposal to tighten existing limits on pseudoephedrine purchases, but mayors and some police groups say that even tougher steps are needed as communities face explosions and toxic chemical cleanups tied to meth cooking.

Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke says meth production is his city's No. 1 public safety problem. He believes a prescription requirement is needed to cut the number of meth labs.

State Sen. Carlin Yoder of Middlebury is sponsoring the bill that would further limit pseudoephedrine purchases. He disagrees with requiring prescriptions and says doing so would wrongly punish law-abiding people.

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