Indiana University introduces student-athlete Bill of Rights

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Indiana University unveiled a commitment to student-athletes during their time on campus and beyond Friday.

The university says the Student-Athlete Bill of Rights is a first-of-its-kind document in the United States. The document offers degree support, medical care, career assistance and more benefits to athletes even after they leave the university.

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"We are proud to be the first higher education institution ever to publish a Student-Athlete Bill of Rights," said Fred Glass Indiana University Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics. "We developed the Bill of Rights to identify not only what we were currently doing for our student-athletes but what we should be doing."

The university will pay tuition, books and fees for scholarship student-athletes to obtain their undergraduate degree from IU, even if they leave school for personal reasons or to pursue a professional career. Student-athletes are eligible for the "Hoosiers for Life" program as long as they left the university in good standing, were eligible for at least two seasons, did not transfer and is readmitted under university rules.

Other benefits under the Student-Athlete Bill of Rights includes a four-year scholarship commitment for athletes who stop competing due to injury or athletic performance, a voice on the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, and health and academic support.