Indiana to cover some adoption subsidies

DCS told families they didn't have money to pay families' claims, but returned $240 million to the State between 2009-2014. (WTHR file photo)
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Gov. Mike Pence is taking action to provide $10 million in assistance to adoptive parents of special needs children.

The announcement comes after the filing of a lawsuit against the Department of Child Services for putting 1,400 families on waiting lists for an adoption subsidy even though DCS had thousands of unspent dollars it returned to the general fund since 2009.

"The State Adoption Subsidy is only a small piece of the assistance the State of Indiana offers to adoptive parents. It is my belief that funding the program this fiscal year is the right thing to do," said Gov. Pence.

The assistance will cover families who adopted special needs children as of July 1st, but does not address all the families in the recently filed lawsuit, some of whom have been on the waiting list for over a year.

The State's Adoption Study Committee is now working to develop additional recommendations.