Indiana teacher's chalkboard message sparks probe


An Indiana teacher is in trouble for his message on a chalkboard after having what students called a "meltdown" during class. The teacher is now suspended for calling students "idiots" and threatening them.

It happened at a school in Lake Station. Police and school officials held a meeting for concerned parents.

There was a heated outburst Monday night from a crowd of parents, students and alumni of Edison's Lake Station High School. Many in the packed City Hall room steamed about the business teacher they say crossed the line with this punctuated message to his sixth period students including "you're idiots" and "guns are loaded, care to try me."

"When did idiot become a metaphor? You don't use the word idiot as a metaphor," said Leigh Ellis, parent.

"He told me he hopes I get hit by a train. He's done told kids he is going to kick their butts. He's done told kids they won't amount to anything after school," said Dominique Young, junior.

"I honestly think he should be fired," said one meeting attendee.

Police and school officials led the meeting meant to inform parents of the message and the fact that the teacher has been suspended since the Friday incident.

"He has not been convicted of anything. He has been under investigation," said Chief Kevin Garber, Lake Station Police.

"The choice of words, the choice of phrases was extremely poor and we acknowledge that," said Dan DeHaven, superintendent.

Several students, past and present, were among those supporting the 28-year veteran.

"It's totally being blown out of proportion. Mr. Kincaid has always had a ton of sayings and he always uses metaphors when he speaks," said one student.

"Kids nowadays. You know, parents can't control them so how do you expect the teachers to?" said Karen Harvey, parent.

The school is working with police. They'll submit their findings from the investigation to prosecutors who will determine whether the teacher will see charges.