Indiana teachers asking Ritz to support Common Core

Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz
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Indiana teachers are pushing for a standard education policy that's been adopted by most other states.

It's called the Common Core. It sets benchmarks for reading and math for your children.

A group of teachers went to the Statehouse Tuesday to get support from Indiana schools superintendent Glenda Ritz. They delivered a letter to her office asking for her help.

State lawmakers put a halt on plans to implement Common Core standards this year. They say the want more time to review the policy. The move reflected a growing backlash nationwide from conservatives who see the education standards interfering with local control of education.

"Our schools have invested so much money in professional development for the new Common Core state standards. We as individuals have spent so much time trying to line our curriculum so it would meet these higher standards. We want that work to be something we can continue to use and move forward with that preparation," said Christina Lear, teacher.

Ritz was not at the State House at the time the teachers delivered the letter.