Indiana sweepstakes winner dies

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Attica - Janice Hamblin, who appeared in commercials for the American Family Publishers Sweepstakes after winning the $10 million prize, has died.

Hamblin, 58, died Sunday at her home in Attica, about 20 miles west of Lafayette. She had been diagnosed with cancer, the Journal & Courier reported.

She and her husband, who was on disability, were living in a mobile home on a monthly $611 Social Security check when she won the sweepstakes in 1989, beating odds of 200 million to 1. "It was eat or pay the bills, one or the other," she recalled in a 1994 Journal & Courier interview.

The money - amounting to $200,000 a year for 30 years after taxes - paid for a new home, new vehicles and eye surgery for the couple's daughter. But Hamblin also had to contend with strangers calling or visiting her home to ask for money.

Funeral services are set for Wednesday at the Maus Funeral Home in Attica.

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