Indiana State Police trooper arrested for public intoxication

Source: Hamilton County Jail
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Fishers Police arrested an Indiana State Police (ISP) Trooper overnight for public intoxication, criminal recklessness with a weapon, disorderly conduct, and resisting law enforcement.

Trooper Christopher Dyer was taken to the Hamilton County Jail on $10,000 Bond after patrons reported him waiving his gun inside Sahm's Bar and Grill at 7870 East 96th Street at 1:48 AM overnight.

Police arrived at the restaurant, but he was already gone and they found Dyer nearby walking along North by Northeast Blvd.  The ISP officer still had his gun on him and appeared to be intoxicated.

"There's not any indication that there was a verbal or physical altercation," said Fishers Police spokesman Tom Weger. "We're not sure why he displayed the gun, but according to witnesses, he did display it and wave it inside the restaurant."

A portable PBT test was given to Dyer and he registered a blood alcohol level of .27. During the investigation, he became agitated and pushed a Fishers Police officer, according to a statement from Fishers PD.

According to Sahm's employees working Saturday night, Dyer was a groomsmen in a wedding party. The witnesses told Eyewitness News Dyer was dressed in a tuxedo, but wearing his badge and carrying his gun.

They also said Dyer appeared so intoxicated that the staff was advised to not serve him alcohol.

Dyer was walking toward a hotel when Fishers Police found him. "He was in possession of the gun," Weger said, "however it was safely holstered and he did not draw the gun again."

ISP said 30-year-old Dyer, who is from Oakland City, has been on a Trooper for two years and is assigned to the Evansville Post.  He will be assigned unarmed administrative duty without arrest powers while his case moves through the judicial process.

Separate from the Fishers Police investigation, ISP will do an internal investigation to determine violations of any policies, rules, or regulations. Final results could lead to disciplinary action or termination.

State Police say Dyer was in town on non-official business and was off duty at the time of his arrest.

On July 27th, Trooper Dyer and an Oakland City Police officer were credited with saving the life of a 22-year-old man whose arm was severely bleeding from a glass cut.

Dyer and the Oakland City police officer applied a Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT) to control his bleeding - a technique for which the Evansville Post Troopers had recently been trained.

Trooper Dyer is the third law enforcement officer to be arrested for alcohol related issues in the Indianapolis area in August.

Metro Police officer Kevin Brown was arrested for DUI on August 6, and IMPD K-9 officer Ron Santa was arrested by State Police one week later, also for DUI. Both of those officers remain on administrative leave.