Indiana State Police investigating abuse complaint at Clinton Prairie High School


13 Investigates has confirmed there is an investigation into potential criminal activity at Clinton Prairie High School in Clinton County. The investigation began Monday. It's not just for one locker room incident, but school authorities are describing it as a pattern of bullying.

"There was not immediate supervision inside the locker room where the incidents occurred," said Supt. Chris Sampson.

Armed with disturbing allegations of locker room abuse, Indiana State Police launched its own investigation at Clinton Prairie H.S.Thursday.

The criminal probe comes after a teacher reported rumors of a freshman boy being held down by two seniors and assaulted in a locker room after gym class a week ago.

On Monday, school staff alerted the Child Protective Services and the Clinton County Sheriff's Dept. The Sheriff's Department asked State Police to take over to avoid possible conflicts of interest.

"The young man who was the target of the unwanted horseplay, so to speak, told us that nothing of a sexual nature happened. That he was not touched in any untoward situation. That he was poked in the ribs and that's all that happened and he was fully clothed throughout the entire ordeal," said Supt. Sampson.

The seniors were suspended based on that information, but the superintendent says the account did not mesh with what two student witnesses said happened. The freshman provided new details. Investigators learned it wasn't an isolated incident.

"Because it was something that happened up to three times since spring break. But it was enough of a change in his story that we felt we needed to investigate further," said Sampson.

Clinton Prairie now requires supervision inside the locker room and administrators are urging students to speak up for themselves and others.

"Come forward when they witness things of this sort as opposed to turning a blind eye and saying 'I'm glad it wasn't me,'" said the superintendent.

It's unknown what further disciplinary action the seniors - who have already been suspended - will face.