Indiana State Police drafting Facebook policy

Officer Chris Pestow
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Indianapolis - As Indiana State and Indianapolis Metro Police investigate what's described as questionable content posted on the internet, ISP is now drafting a policy to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Tuesday night, 13 Investigates reported photos and content posted by a trooper on his Facebook page. Officer Chris Pestow is now facing an internal investigation and possible disciplinary action for what he posted, including pictures and information about his activity as a state officer. Investigators want to know if some of the information was posted while he was on duty.

State Police say it's developing a new written policy on such behavior to clarify what information is off limits for posting on the internet.

"Any information that would be department related or embarrass the department will probably be prohibited from being placed on your personal web page," said Major Carlos Pettiford.

ISP says it was working on the policy even before it learned of Trooper Pestow's website.