Indiana stands to benefit from car sales boost

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When people walk through the auto show or an auto showroom with checkbook in hand, they are buying more than a car or truck. They're buying a vehicle that drives Indiana's economy.

Eyewitness News spoke to several potential car buyers at the Indianapolis Auto Show.

The Col'on family wants a smaller car. Tim Col'on, who runs a small business, is feeling "more confident in our jobs, what we've got going on right now, so I feel better about spending money now that I did before."

After ten years, Lori Wilcoxon is back in the new car market too. She says her road-weary mini-van is falling apart.

"Little things are starting to not work, the windshield wipers. It's making a rattle or burning oil. It's running down," she said.

Pent-up demand and consumer confidence are helping push auto sales a whopping 13 percent ahead of last year. That's three double-digit increases in three years.

How is that good for Indiana? Few states produce more cars or automotive parts. Toyota, Subaru, Honda, Chrysler and General Motors employ 19,000 Hoosiers. Thousands more work for parts and other suppliers.

None of that matters to the Brothers family. With one child and twins on the way, they need something bigger that still fits their budget.

"We develop a budget an stick to it. Car purchases we've made in the past were with in our budget. It's what we do," said Brittney Brothers.

What car and truck shoppers do or don't do will determine how much thousands of Hoosiers work in the coming year.

Auto makers and dealers are looking for a strong finish to 2012. Sales forecasts are already out for 2013. They are good, but not as good as this year's.