Indiana Senate race crucial for Republicans

Sen. Dan Coats (R)

A Wall Street Journal article says that Republicans must win Indiana to win control of the US Senate.

Since Democrats have a 53-47 majority, Republicans are now campaigning hard for Richard Mourdock. He upset Sen. Richard Lugar in the primary and is now locked in a real battle with Democrat Joe Donnelly.

Republican Dan Coats, who's not up for re-election, told Eyewitness News that the Senate is dysfunctional right now because Majority Leader Harry Reid won't work with Republicans.

Coats says a Mourdock win and a GOP majority will help the economy.

"People elected me to go back and deal with this debt and deficit, this crisis. We have of people out of work and eight-plus percent of 43 months of straight unemployment just cannot stand. I can't get that done unless I have a partner there that helps us get the majority," said Coats.

At this point it isn't clear if Sen. Lugar will throw his weight behind Mourdock. Sen. Coats would like to see Lugar helping the GOP secure the seat.

"We're anxious to get everybody on the team on the team and do everything we can - and even Sen. Lugar has said that control of the Senate is at stake here. We can't control this unless we take Indiana. I'm confident in the end we'll all be together," Coats said.

Sen. Coats also weighed in on the NFL replacement referees, calling it a "farce."

"It took me an hour to get to sleep. I stayed up to watch that game, which is my first mistake. I was so upset with the way that game ended. I'm a Colts fan. I'm not a Packers fan or a Seahawks fan. But I get into games. When I see that egregious mistakes are being made by these replacement refs and the potential harm - players are taking advantage of it. Coaches are taking advantage of it. Possible injuries are resulting. Outrageous calls. People want fairness in sports. Whether your for that team or even engaged in that, I think the Packers fans should be furious. I think the commissioner ought to come to the realization that this is turning into a farce. For all of us who want to see fairness in sports, whether it's professional, college or whatever, this is a joke. Yeah, I'm still fuming about this whole thing," he said.

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