Indiana schools still waiting on ISTEP results

Teachers and school administrators have plenty of questions about ISTEP.
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School administrators and teachers waiting for the results of last year's ISTEP tests may not get them after the beginning of the next school year. Even a Department of Education email is not telling schools what they want to know.

Educators anxious to see the results of ISTEP exams interrupted, disrupted and delayed by computer problems are mulling over an email from the Indiana Department of Education.

It says the independent validity study is still under way, and once it's complete, "staff will determine a time line that includes releasing the first round of ISTEP results, establishing a rescore window and providing results." But the email says nothing about when.

"I'm not sure what this means," said Ken Hull, Speedway Schools superintendent.

Hull is the superintendent of Speedway Schools and past president of Indiana's Association of Public School Superintendents.

"Does this mean if the validity study would come back and say these aren't valid results? Does it mean they won't release the results at all? Would you release false results? I'm wondering what this means," he said.

ISTEP is a high stakes exam. Results are used for grading schools, evaluating teachers and tailoring curriculum and lessons to student needs. In some communities, the first day of school is only two weeks away.

"We in Indiana say there are 180 days of school and every one is important. So the longer the delay, the longer the unknown, the less effective those 180 days might be," Hull explained.

The Indiana Department of Education says it hopes to have results by the end of the month.

More than 480,000 students took the exams, and the state figures the results of nearly 80,000 are in question. Educators believe that number is much higher.