Indiana schools pitch in to help Henryville students recover

Henryville's schools had major damage after Friday's tornado.

Help is on the way to Henryville school children. Tornadoes all but destroyed their elementary and junior-senior high schools.

Tonight families should find out where and when students will get back to class while other schools are working to make sure the Henryville kids have everything they need.

Workers are salvaging all the desks, books and computers they can from the tornado-ravaged Henryville schools. At the same time, schools across the state are collecting supplies and money so students and teachers don't return to school empty-handed.

"We know those students are devastated. It took everything away. Those teachers need to know they have some type of ease knowing help is on the way," said Stacy Baugh, principal of Cloverdale Elementary School.

Teachers there are taking their cue from their students and looking closely at their crowded cubbies and shelves. Tammy Kemp, a fourth grade teacher, quickly admitted, "Lots of us have lots of things we really don't need that will be of great help."

Educators depend on more than textbooks. Most classrooms have a small fortune's worth of story books, scissors, glue sticks and other learning materials. Typically teachers have to buy all the educational extras themselves with their own money. Having to replace it or do without it is something they don't want to even think about.

Tara Baugh has 18 years invested in her classroom. Looking around she said, "I can't imagine what it is like for teachers to lose that much stuff and start over again."

School districts are already sorting through store rooms full of unused desks, furniture and other essentials Henryville's schools may need. One even offered to send some surplus buses.

The outpouring of generosity is so great that administrators are asking schools to hold off sending anything else until there are replacement schools to put everything in.

The West Clark Community School district is considering moving students into a vacant school building and other building. The school board expects to make a decision Thursday night. Both locations will need quick improvements. Administrators want students back in class by April 2nd at the latest.

Right now they are asking for cash donations. If you'd like to make a donation to help Henryville schools destroyed in the March 2 tornado, please make a check payable to:

West Clark Community Schools
601 Renz Avenue
Sellersburg, IN 47172
Attention: Henryville Schools

The money will be used to replenish school supplies destroyed in the tornado.