Indiana school voucher ruling could influence others

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The Indiana Supreme Court's unanimous ruling upholding the state's sweeping school voucher program has voucher supporters hoping they've found a national precedent.

The state's highest court unanimously upheld a 2011 law providing vouchers for low- and middle-income families and cleared the way for an expansion being debated in the Indiana Statehouse.

Bert Gall, of the Washington-based Institute for Justice, says the Indiana case was decided in part on a state law replicated in most other states.

Since the U.S. Supreme Court said in 2002 that voucher programs don't violate the federal constitution, the main hurdle for supporters has been claims that they violate state constitutions. Gall says the Indiana decision shows they don't.

Voucher opponents, however, say the impact of Tuesday's ruling ends at Indiana's border.

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