Indiana Pacers, Donnie Walsh and Herb Simon seek federal protective order from IRS

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The Indiana Pacers, Donnie Walsh and Herb Simon are asking a federal court for a protective order against the IRS.

In new court filings, the "Pacers Group" says it's getting caught up in a fight the team and its owners have nothing to do with in Colorado.

It's all the result of ongoing litigation by Bren Simon, Mel Simon's widow.

Court records show Bren Simon is trying to recover more than $21 million ($21,372,328.43, to be exact) in gift taxes she was forced to pay the IRS. According to a government audit, Mel Simon's estate gave his brother Herb money for the Pacers reorganization following his death in 2009.

Bren Simon reportedly approved of the gift, and was later deemed responsible for half of the taxes.  

Bren Simon and the IRS served subpoenas against Herb, the team and its law firm, asking for team financial statements including tax returns, game reports, and NBA collective bargaining agreements.

Faegre Baker Daniels LLP, the attorneys for the "Pacers Group," argue the financial information is confidential, and want protections that any information provided will not be shared among other government entities.

The "Pacers Group" is also asking for reimbursement for its legal expenses.

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