Indiana native plays role in Colorado flood relief efforts

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With thousands of people affected by the devastating flooding in Colorado, Hoosiers are trying to help.

Indiana native Shannon Knobel leads 'Moms of Denver' in Colorado.

"This came in so quickly, so fast. And, the magnitude. It's the size of Connecticut," said Shannon, a Carmel native and Purdue graduate.

The rushing water in Colorado's Boulder County has paused life in that beautiful community.

Knobel showed us a photo of a road she used to travel every day.

"There are so many Boulder County residents who won't be able to return home," said Knobel.

The field outside Knobel's home is flooded. The walking paths are unsafe.

As the president of Moms of Denver, Shannon Knobel is working with 400 women to do what they can during this crisis. Knobel's home is just five miles away from the major damage.

Group members of 'Moms of Denver' are helping clean up damaged businesses.

They brought clothing and toiletries to Red Cross disaster sites set up in the local high school.

Even though the school districts are closed in Boulder County because of all this flooding, 'Moms of Denver' is working to put together backpacks for children who most likely have had theirs carried away.

"This is a thousand year storm. Historically, our first snowfall comes next week. We need to get rid of the water before the snow will fall," said Knobel.

To help us In Indiana put this into perspective, Knobel showed us a photo of the damage to Highway 36. The highway runs from Denver to Boulder.

Shannon Knobel said this roadway is their I-69; imagine 69 collapsing at 96th Street.

Knobel says what the Colorado community needs the most is for Hoosiers to send financial support: "We just need anyone who can go to support the Red Cross now financially that's where the need is. We are going to see a lot more damage."

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