Indiana native aims to be "Next Fitness Star"


An Indiana native is very close to reaching the ranks of the biggest names in fitness.

Stacie Clark stopped by Yoga Monkey in Broad Ripple this week to show her stuff - a class that burns 550 calories an hour and ask for your help.

The super-fit and very brave came to experience Clark's Barre Cardio class. Her choreography promises to super burn calories in 60 minutes.

"Depending on the fitness level and the person's height and weight, for sure, 550 (calories) minimum," Clark said.

Eyewitness News' summer intern, Olympic diver Mary Beth Dunnichay, agreed to sample the class.

"With diving, we do a lot of core work, so I think I will be okay there, but I like to push myself in cardio," she said.

Clark is a Danville native and Indiana University graduate. She is getting the word out about a nationwide contest. A thousand applied and she is one of five finalists to become Women's Health Magazine's next fitness star.

"The person gets to become the fitness expert and the face for the magazine, as well as we get to create a collection of DVDs," Clark said. "That is really important to me. It's not about winning the contest, it's about having the platform to have the voice to influence and inspire others to get fit, be fit, and stay fit for life."

Each finalist has an online video.

"There are a couple of 20-year olds or 20-something I should say, a couple 30 and 31 and I'm 40. I just turned 40," Clark said.

Clark touts her belief that we all have an inner athlete.

"Find the athlete, fuel it, and build on it," she said.

Clark is the only finalist with children, but there is nothing about her image that screams "Mom."

"I want to look like that some day," Dunnichay said. "That's what I think."

Class starts with 20 minutes on the mat, firing the core. Mary Beth seemed to have no trouble with the rotating plank position or balancing with hand weights. After the Pilates-like moves, it's on to 90-second intervals of high-intensity cardio in bare feet.

Forty minutes in, we checked in with Mary Beth.

"She is awesome. She is probably the best instructor I've ever dealt with before. She doesn't let you slack off, she pushes you, she is high-energy positive. I mean, if you don't work hard looking at her body, I don't know what will make you work harder. She is amazing," she said.

Clark says her workouts focus on stability, mobility and strength.

"One of my mottos is 'Burn calories, not time'," Clark said. "We are all time starved these days and so I really encourage everyone to maximize their hour. They are spending an hour out of their day with me, so it's my job to give them results."

"It was just awesome. So intense, just rocked my whole body," said Aleasha Shipman. "Now walking tomorrow is another story, but right now, I am fine."

"It's hard. I push myself and I don't think I've ever sweated this much in my life," Dunnichay said.

Clark wants to have a transformational impact and is relying on votes to expand her reach. You can vote daily through August 5 at