Indiana moms march for gun control


"Moms" marched in Washington, DC and in Indianapolis Saturday to show their support for national gun control measures. The One Million Moms for Gun Control advocacy group wants Hoosiers to tighten up gun laws.

For these Moms, it was an answer to the violence at Sandy Hook Elementary.

A grassroots organization looking for gun control laws in America. "One Million Moms for Gun Control" Marched Saturday in our nation's capital. Folks in Indianapolis joined the movement as well.

"We are not only mothers, fathers, kids, friends of mothers, who are concerned about the gun violence in our country and we demand change," said Indy organizer, Andrea Spiegelberg.

The Indy chapter started just six weeks ago. Using social media, the group gained interested for Saturday's downtown walk.

"Specially here in Indiana there need to be stricter laws and there need to be more laws. Here in Indiana, we have a very lax conceal and carry legislation and we have background issues. We need to be make changes at the state level and the national level," said Spiegelberg.

Rallying against "moms," gun advocates showed up along the statehouse sidewalks as well.

"I am a Mom. I am not for gun control. I want to prove that not all Moms are for gun control," said gun advocate Melinda Porter.

According to their website, One Million Moms for Gun Control want to see a ban on assault weapons and ammunition magazines of more than ten rounds. The group also wants to require background checks for all gun purchasers, and limit the scope of concealed weapons laws at the state level.

With a growing group of women, these moms plan to push Indiana legislators to make the changes: "We need to keep our voices fresh and keep people interested," added Spiegelber.

One Million Moms for Gun Control was founded by Shannon Watts from Indiana. So far, there are more than 75-chapters nationwide.