Indiana man wins $1 million Lottery prize...twice!

Robert Hamilton of Indianapolis
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Robert Hamilton of Indianapolis is a very lucky man.  On July 22, Hamilton did something very few people get to do - he claimed his second $1 million Hoosier Lottery prize. Hamilton won both $1 million prizes in a span of less than three months, and he won on the same game, the Hoosier Lottery's $120 Million Cash Spectacular Scratch-off. 

Hamilton claimed his first $1 million prize on April 28. He was on his way to a conference when he stopped at a convenience store in Jasonville and purchased his first $1 million winning ticket. Hamilton grabbed his most recent win at a retailer in Indianapolis. 

"It's the icing on the cake," Hamilton said, as he claimed his second million.  The Marion County man used his initial winnings to pay off all his financial obligations, purchase a home, take a beach vacation, buy a truck for his father and invest in his business.

The double-lucky south side resident plans to use his latest winnings to buy a motorcycle.

"After he won the first time I told him he could buy a motorcycle if he hit it again," said Hamilton's wife, Donna.

Even with two major windfalls, the lucky player has no plans to slow down on the work front. On the contrary, Hamilton is grateful for the opportunity to purchase new equipment to further grow his business.

In its 25-year history, the Hoosier Lottery has created more than 600 millionaires. Barely a handful of those winners are lucky enough to win that kind of money twice, so Hamilton and his wife Donna are members of a very elite group.

But "elite" is not how this down-to-earth couple describe themselves. They both stressed their winnings will not change their lives too much or go to their heads.

"We're just everyday, normal people," said Donna Hamilton.