Indiana man relates to victims of Columbus plane crash

Mark Doucey was severely burned in a 1992 plane crash.

The fiery crash of a small plane in Columbus Thursday that severely burned two men on board the plane is a harsh reminder to one Indiana man.

"I feel sorry for the families," said Mark Doucey. "The shock of 'Oh my God, could it be?' and then finding out it is. It has to be tough."

Doucey was flying over Greenwood in 1992 when a small jet collided with his light plane. Six died between the two planes. Mark was one of two survivors.

"For me, it was 27 surgeries over two-and-a-half years," he said.

Doucey underwent surgeries at Wishard Hospital's burn unit, the same hospital where Thursday's victims Gerald Clayton and Dennis King were taken.

"I said that's where they need to go. Wishard is one heck of an asset that Indianapolis has," he said.

Burned over 80 percent of his body, Mark got the most skilled care, he says, and breakthrough skin culturing that grew his own new skin.

"Originally, they gave me a two percent chance and I'm here today. They do know what they're doing," Doucey said.

But staff watched him carefully for infection, a big risk because skin is "your largest organ and your first layer of defense against germs and bacteria and anything," Doucey said. "The staff, the doctors and the nurses know how to deal with that."

Mark has counseled other burn victims. He urges them to follow medical orders. What he was told is true, he says.

"It will change your life."