Indiana man almost loses leg because of pedicure

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A trip to a Muncie nail salon turned into a nightmare for one man - he contracted an infection that nearly killed him.

Ten days after getting a pedicure, 63-year-old Bruce Walters started feeling flu-like symptoms. Infection had spread through his body and he almost lost a leg.

"If I would have slept another night in bed, I might not have lived past that point," said Bruce Walters.

Fortunately, he's healed and now is doing well, but only after three weeks in the hospital including five surgeries.

"It's scary to think this can happen from a minor incident," said Walters' surgeon, Dr. John Steinberg. "A minor break in the nail can actually be an entry point for dangerous bacteria."

Infections from nail salons are rare but they do happen. Experts recommend making sure your nail tech only uses sterilized instruments.