Indiana lawmakers take action on food transportation


Indiana could soon have one of the toughest food transportation laws in the country.

State lawmakers took action Wednesday following an Eyewitness News investigation.

The images 13 Investigates exposed this summer are hard to forget: truckloads of spoiled, dangerous food heading straight to area restaurants and grocery stores.

State police say its a huge problem. They literally find tons of this dangerous food on Indiana highways each year, but they have no legal authority to stop it.

After seeing this Eyewitness News video, state lawmakers took action.

"I believe this is a very, very important piece of legislation," said Rep. Bill Davis (R-Portland).

Rep. Davis drafted a bill that would give state police permission to detain and cite trucks that break food safety laws. Wednesday, he introduced the bill to the House Transportation Committee.

"This is to get to those folks who are putting our families in harm's way with our food chain," he said.

Indiana State Police testified, and the committee was impressed. It unanimously approved the bill, meaning it will now go on to the full House of Representatives.

"Their acceptance and passing this bill onto the next level will improve the safety for the citizens of Indiana," said Capt. Wayne Andrews, Indiana State Police.

So far the bill has little opposition and it's expected to pass through both the House and Senate. If it does become law, state police say it will give them a powerful new tool to help keep dangerous food off your family's dinner plate.

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