Indiana lawmakers face big decision on Syria

Rep. Andre Carson

Lawmakers' returning from break have a big decision to make about the situation in Syria.

The world continues to watch and wait as the hearings on Syria continue in Washington. It was only last month when Congresswoman Susan Brooks stood at the border of Israel and Syria and now is standing on the verge of a vote that could have a direct effect on that region.

"If there were to be military strikes, and I will only vote for that if we believe it is in the United States' best interest, but we need to understand what the plan is. What the plan is in regard to Iran, Syria and for our allies in the Middle East," Brooks said.

Brooks says she doesn't know how to vote at the present time, but will be going to Washington for a briefing later this week.

Ninth District Congressman Todd Young will get his briefing on Monday.

"We have elected the president to serve as commander-in-chief, to lead from the front, and so we are waiting on his plan, so that we don't need all the details, but we do need enough to decide whether or not we can be supportive of the plan. I just don't have that," Young said.

He says he is not so sure the president's plan, as he understands it, goes far enough.

Seventh District Congressman Andre Carson says he is still reviewing the situation.

"Hoosiers are war-torn. They are tired of our war efforts in the Middle East. They want our troops home. They want our tax dollars back into our U.S. Treasury. These wars are not easy, but Americans are also upset that other nations have far too long enjoyed a mistress relationship with the United States," Carson said. "They enjoy our military support. They enjoy the resources that we provide them, but in public they condemn us and they demonize us and the question becomes is, we need our friends in the Arab League to step forward. We need our friends in the United Nations to step forward and we need other nations to step forward and not always put this burden before the United States of America."

Congressman Todd Rokita addressed a public meeting about the issue Tuesday evening.

"The only way to truly verify the targets we're supposedly intending to hit is to go there and get a visual on them and that's boots on the ground," said Rokita.