Indiana Landmarks hoping to save Crawford's Bakery building tiles

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The Indiana Landmarks organization is working to save a piece of Indiana history.

In Indianapolis, the former Crawford's Bakery building is slated to be torn down. The building at the corner of 16th and Capitol was built in 1926.

The owner has agreed to allow people to salvage the terra cotta tiles on the the façade.

Indiana Landmarks posted on their Facebook page:

"Many folks in Indy have been sad to see the former Crawfords Bakery building (and longtime home of Pandell's Flower Shop) languish for years at the corner of Capitol Avenue and 16th Street. In spite of efforts to save it, it appears the building is likely to come down. In 2009 Historic Indianapolis alerted us that the building's owner planned to bulldoze the place. We were able to stall demo by reimbursing the demolition contractor, buying time to search for a solution that would save the 1926 building. But the $2 million asking price has deterred potential investors. This month, the building owner notified us that he plans to proceed with demolition, but is amenable to saving the ornamental terra cotta. If you're interested in buying the historic property or in salvaging the terra cotta, contact Indiana Landmarks and we'll connect you with the owner."

Contact Indiana Landmarks here.