Indiana jobless benefits to continue unchanged until March 30

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Federally extended unemployment benefits will continue unchanged until March 30, 2013, the US Department of Labor said Friday.

Beginning March 31, 2013, states are mandated to begin reducing federally extended weekly benefits by 10.7 percent due to the sequester. If states cannot implement changes by that date, the amount of the reduction will continue to increase as time passes.

Claimants will be notified at least two weeks in advance of any upcoming reductions.

States will receive $40,000 from the federal government to implement the effects of sequestration, which includes computer reprogramming, notification and all other associated administrative costs.

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development says this affects about 32,000 Indiana residents.


What is the difference between Regular State Unemployment benefits and Federally Extended benefits?

Regular State Unemployment benefits are the first 26 weeks of benefits.

Federally Extended Unemployment benefits (also known as EEUC) are weeks 27-63 of benefits.

How do I know if I'm receiving Federally Extended benefits?

If you are receiving Federally Extended benefits, under the column "Program" on your Uplink homepage, "EEUC" will be listed and under the column "Status," "Open" will be displayed, meaning your EEUC claim is open. If you are currently receiving Regular State benefits, under the column "Program," "UI" will be listed and under the column "Status," "Open" will be displayed, meaning your Regular State benefit claim is still open.

If I am receiving Regular State benefits, how will I know how many weeks of benefits I have remaining?

You can figure out how many weeks of benefits you have remaining by visiting your Uplink homepage.

Under the column "Status" on your homepage there is a row labeled "Open." In this same row to the left of the word "open" there is a number listed under "Maximum Benefits." This number is how much money you have remaining in your current benefit program. To the right of this number there is a number listed under "Weekly Benefits." This is the maximum amount of money you can receive weekly. Divide your "Maximum Benefits" number by your "Weekly Benefits" number to determine the number of weeks you have remaining if you collect the maximum benefit each week. All Federally Extended benefit payments will stop even if there is money remaining in "Maximum Benefits."

How will I know if or when the situation changes?

Hoosiers should visit their Uplink homepage and DWD's website, for the latest updates on Federally Extended benefits.

(The Associated Press contributed to this story.)