Indiana holding millions in unclaimed property


Millions of dollars are going unclaimed in Indiana. And now is your chance to see if any of that money belongs to you.

In Indiana right now, $350-million stands unclaimed - with at least $119-million in Central Indiana alone.  Attorney General Greg Zoeller is urging you to see if some of that is yours.

It could be property, or cash from a refund or unsettled account that you didn't know was out there.  And because the state lists new property each quarter Zoeller says now is a good time to check.

"You can look for yourself, but you are also encouraged to look for your friends, family," Zoeller said. "It's a tough economy and people can use every cent they can find."

Zoeller said the money could be bank accounts, or a last paycheck.  "We get a lot of people who leave utility deposits, insurance proceeds, things you set up that you forgot about, your parents, relatives, it can come from any number of sources and most people are surprised that they have this money."

Along with cash, there is actual property in storage the state would like to unload. To find out if you have any unclaimed property, click here.