Indiana hat company a big presence at Super Bowl XLVIII

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A company that started in Lafayette is making it big on Broadway this week.

On the fourth floor of Macy's largest department store in New York City, Lids has set up the largest NFL shop at the Super Bowl.

"We set up this 36,000 square foot pop-up shop, we call it," said vice president of marketing, John DeWaal.

Lids, a small hat company that started in Lafayette 18 years ago, is now on Broadway.

"We got a three-way partnership. We got the NFL, we got Macy's and we got Lids, so the three of us banded together for blocking and tackling to understand we all had a role to make this successful," DeWaal said.

Lids started out selling hats, but is now a full-scale sports apparel company, which just recently announced plans to expand in Indiana.

The idea for Super Bowl pop-up stores first popped up four years ago. This year, Lids is promoting Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos wear, but the company is also well-aware the Big Apple is home to both the Giants and the Jets.

Custom wear has been a big part of that. Fans can get their gear personalized for any big game.

"We've got 1,100 locations across the country now. We are selling everything from hats to key chains and jerseys and t-shirts and everything else in our stores," DeWaal said. "It is a nice little Indiana success story."