Indiana group shares Conn. parents' grief

Ann Hathaway and LeeAnn Hutson both lost children in recent years.
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What happened in Newtown, Connecticut last week is still very much on people's minds across the country and even more so for one Indiana group.

"Five hundred and seven days," said Ann Hathaway.

That is the number of days since Hathaway's son, Leighton, was killed in a car accident.

"You just think, as a human, how can you withstand such emotional and physical pain and not die? How could you not die?" asked Hathaway.

That's the question Hathaway said some of the parents in Newtown have been asking themselves since the tragedy there.

"That first initial hour or two after, it is so raw...they'll never forget that," said Hathaway.

That's why Hathaway and other members of the Montgomery County Bereaved Parents Group have created what they call "Baskets of Hope" for the grieving parents in Newtown. Inside, there are books on grieving, candles, poems, anything that might minister to these parents in their darkest hours.

"They are on a rough, rough road right now," said LeeAnn Hutson.

Hutson's son, Greg, took his own life seven years ago.

"I've walked in those shoes that they're in and when I say, 'I know what you're going through,' I really do," Hutson explained.

Ever since last week's school massacre, Hutson hasn't been able to stop thinking about those grieving parents.

"For a long time, all they're going to think about is how their child felt, how scared they were when they're being shot. They're going to focus on that. And you can't help it," she said. "Somebody's telling them to walk and talk and breathe right now. And you know that's all we can do is reach out to help them and let 'em know that they're not alone."

Those parents are not alone. A country and the parents from Montgomery County Bereaved Parents Group have been grieving with them.

The Bereaved Parents Group will deliver the baskets in the next month.


Montgomery County Bereaved Parents Group