Indiana goes back to school after Newtown shooting

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The first two of many funerals will take place today as the community says their final goodbyes to six-year-olds Jack Pinto and Noah Pozner.

Back home, many of our school districts are issuing statements, sending out recordings and including helpful information on their websites to help children and parents feel safe as they return to their own schools.

As students across the country prepare to head back to their own schools today, many districts here in Indiana are ready, despite the national sense of mourning for the 20 children who died in Friday's school shooting in Connecticut.

Warren Township Schools feels they're ready to reassure the students and parents that safety has always been, and will always be, top priority, according to Phil Talbert of Hawthorne Elementary.

"Part of our district policy and procedure is that we do safety drills twice a year - one each semester - and those are done randomly," Talbert said, "so we never know when they're coming and that's done by Warren Police."

IPS schools issued a statement over the weekend reinforcing the same principles, saying, "All schools are locked, require any visitor to use only the main entrance, require guests to enter the school through the main office and to sign in."

"Teachers and administrators in each building have protocols to follow in the case of either an armed or active intruder in the building. Children go through lockdown drills three times a year."

Some schools are even sending out tip sheets for helping your children cope with tragedy. Tips include: Give them facts about the event, let them know they are safe and listen, listen.

"We do hope parents will spend time with their children," Talbert said, "talking about this event, talking about safety at all times wherever they are whatever they're doing."

Talbert's school stresses to children to practice good safety habits, "Always be with a friend, never talk to strangers."