Indiana food stamp benefit dates change in 2014


Indiana residents who receive SNAP, or food stamp benefits, will notice a new date that benefits are loaded onto EBT cards.

The amount of money will not change, just the date.

The new date depends on the first letter of the recipient's last name:

A, B:

Old:  1st
New: 5th

C, D:

Old:  2nd
New:  7th

E, F, G:

Old:  3rd
New:  9th

H, I:

Old:  4th
New:  11th

J, K, L:

Old:  5th
New:  13th

M, N:

Old:  6th
New:  15th

O, P, Q, R:

Old:  7th
New:  17th


Old:  8th
New:  19th

T, U, V

Old:  9th
New:  21st

W, X, Y, Z

Old:  10th
New:  23rd

The new dates partially take effect in January, with half of the money disbursed on the old date and the other half on the new date.

Starting in February, all the money will be released only on the new date.

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