Indiana First Lady caught in stage collapse aftermath

First Lady Cheri Daniels

INDIANAPOLIS - Indiana First Lady Cheri Daniels was at the Indiana State Fair when the stage collapsed Saturday night.

"I saw lightning and we decided to go sit in the car originally and just see it pass. We barely got down the stairs of the bandstand and heard the screaming and of course the wind and the dust picked up. It was like we were in a dust storm, really. I made it to the operations center," she said.

Daniels said she was separated from her family, like so many other concert-goers.

"My daughter and her husband were here and she was doing photography for the concert. I didn't know where she was. I think the hardest thing for a lot of people in that moment, as you can imagine, everyone is trying to text message or phone to find out if someone's okay, and there was no service. It was a very difficult time watching people come in and out."

"It was probably a good 45 minutes before I was able to know that my daughter and son-in-law who had been separated in the commotion that they were safe. I experienced what a lot of people did at the time."