Indiana couple witnesses van tragedy in Florida

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It was a vacation to remember. "Great! We had a blast," said Samantha Clark of her week-long trip to Daytona, Florida. She was celebrating her 20th anniversary last week to her husband Tony. The New Castle couple's sunny retreat took a sharp turn on Tuesday.

"It was crazy," said Tony Clark, speaking about what they saw.

A minivan came barreling down the beach...zig zagging and then, right into the water. "I got to looking and I was like, it's a van. You know, not expecting a van the ocean," said Samantha.

Samantha and Tony watched and from the balcony of their beach front hotel. They then shot video as they got closer. "At first I just thought someone lost control. Well I thought maybe the tide had come in early than what they had expected and pulled the van in." Said Tony.

Only later did it become clear that 32 year-old Ebony Wilkerson--the 7 month pregnant mother of three who was at the wheel, had intentionally driven into the water, telling her 3, 9 and 10 year-olds to close their eyes and go to sleep, as she got out and walked away.

"It hurts because I have friends that cannot have babies and for a mother to do that to her own kids and her pregnant with one, it really hurts," said Samantha. "You'd have to be not right for that to do that." Continued Tony.

First witnessing the dramatic rescue of 3 children, the Clarks then helped others scoop up the family's valuables from the ocean

"The community came together when they needed to... Most of 'em tourists," said Samantha.

Including a couple from Indiana... Who will never forget their 20th anniversary.

The Clarks didn't realize the story was making national headlines until they started heading back to Indiana late last week.

And this isn't the first time they've witnessed a tragic incident.

They were at the Madison Regatta in 2006...when a car plowed into the crowd injuring 10 spectators.