Indiana couple arrested after McDonald's heroin overdose

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An Indiana couple faces charges in Ohio after they allegedly overdosed on heroin in a McDonald's playland in the Cincinnati area.

Authorities say Robert Palmer and Tamika Jeffers admitted to taking drugs while caring for their five-year-old girl and eight-year-old boy.

"He doesn't have a pulse. He's not breathing. He's turning blue right now," a caller told 911.

"This is ridiculous. I mean, we have people sometimes that we find that have used heroin usually parked in the car that are in need of medical attention. But this is unusual for the fact that they were supposed to be caring for two young children," said Chief Bart West, Green Township Police.

One victim was found unconscious and not breathing. The other was conscious and not responsive in the playland area.

Police say they've recovered after taking the "life-threatening" overdoses of heroin. The couple is from Dillsboro in Dearborn County, in southeast Indiana.