Indiana burglary suspect breaks into 30 businesses in two months

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Police across central Indiana are trying to stop a burglary spree that stretches nearly 120 miles.

At least six burglaries occurred last weekend alone along I-65 from Clark County to Edinburgh.

"We want to get this man off the street. He's a one-person crime wave," said Edinburgh Deputy Police Chief David Lutz.

Lutz suspects the man could be responsible for breaking in to at least 30 stores and restaurants across Central Indiana over the past two months.

As surveillance images show, he either pries the door open or smashes in the glass, then goes right for the cash drawer. He's often in and out within 20 seconds.

"He (doesn't) unplug anything," Lutz said. "He just pulls it off the shelf and starts walking away. The cords are pulled out of the wall and he keeps walking."

Lincoln Square Restaurant in Columbus was one of six businesses hit Saturday night.

"He was really fast. He knew when he came in what he was going for. He got the cash register and left," said manager Nell Dunbar.

The man also broke into Tools & More! in Edinburgh. Lutz said the thief didn't get much money but he did do $10,000 in damage.

Many of the cash registers have been found along I-65.

As Lutz said, "He gets what he wants and pitches it out the [car] door."

When Lutz started going through Crime Stoppers' wanted posters, he said, "I looked at the website and thought holy moly, there's more and more and more."

He realized the guy with the mustache in the gray sweatshirt was wanted all over central Indiana from Mooresville to Carmel to Lawrence.

The good news is there's plenty of video of him. The bad news? He's still out there.

"I hope they catch him soon before it happens to someone else. It's very frustrating. It makes you angry," said Dunbar.