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Licensed drivers across Indiana could soon be on the receiving end of a $30-Million dollar class action settlement.

The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles admits it over-charged fees and wants to pay you back what's owed.

But is it a fair deal, and how can you get what you have coming?

It's not quite a jackpot but Saturday morning at the BMV, some unexpected surprises to customers like Larry Miller.

"I was credited $7  for my license they over-charged." he said outside the Madison Avenue license branch.

"Were you aware that you were going to get that refund?" asked Eyewitness News.

"No, I even asked her twice 'What was it for again?' She said, 'That my license, that the state had made a mistake over charged me, and paid me back," responded Miller.

He's driving away with a few extra unspent dollars in his pocket because of a base refund he received inside.

Money the BMV is accused of taking illegally, by over-charging fees for drivers licenses since March 2007.

Friday, the BMV revealed a proposed $30-Million dollar settlement to end a class action lawsuit for charging more than it should have. The BMV announced June 27th, it would reduce the fees on the licenses in question and begin refunding fees during transactions at it's license branches across the state.

It's set aside $30-Million dollars.

"That's a lot of money," said Leon Harris, who said he would welcome his share of the settlement, even if it only allows him enough savings to buy a couple of gallons of gas.

Now under the lawsuit anyone, under the age of 75 who paid for a drivers license over the last six-years is eligible for refunds. "Advance payments" automatically applied to individual transactions at the BMV over the next 3-years..

"Not everyone has a checking account so why not just give it to them now and then they know they got it," said Carson Purvis, who thinks the transaction refunds are a good idea.

If you have no business with the BMV over the next three years you can either request a check or a future credit.

Motorists who have moved out of State can also make a check request.

A part of the settlement will be spent to tell you how to get your refund. In a day of smart phones notifications are being sent out all across the State as well as postcards.

There's even a 1-800-number.

"I think it's fair," said Larry Miller.

If you don't like what's being proposed, you can opt out, refuse the base refund, and seek your own legal action

Or if you think the settlement is unfair, you can take the base refund and still have your say by writing to or asking to speak to the court. To opt out or to object, you must do so by October 11, 2013.

Once the BMV pays the notification costs, all base refunds and attorney fees, any money left over will be split between those drivers who accepted the deal.

Attorneys representing the class action will receive 21-percent of the $30-million dollar fund or $6.3 Million.

According to the settlement, that payout will not impact the required base refunds.

A settlement fairness hearing will be held:

November 12, 2013 11:00am

City County Building Room T-1760

Marion County Civil Court 12

200 East Washington

Indianapolis, IN 46204

BMV Class Action Settlement

BMV Class Action Settlement Information Line: 1-800-248-0084

Mailing Address 

BMV License Overcharge Case Notice Administrator

P.O. Box 1961

Indianapolis, IN 46206-1961