Indiana bill would prevent gun bans on campus

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An Indiana lawmaker says he wants to prevent any state-supported college or university from banning guns on campus.

Republican State Senator Jim Banks of Columbia City is introducing a bill in the Indiana Senate where public college students would be able to have guns at school for personal protection.

He tells our newsgathering partners at the Indianapolis Star, the bill was not prompted by last month's school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut that or the deadly shootings at Virginia Tech in 2007.

Full text of Senate Bill 0097:

Possession of firearms on state property. Prohibits a state agency, including a state supported college or university, from regulating the possession or transportation of firearms, ammunition, or firearm accessories: (1) on land that is; or (2) in buildings and other structures that are; owned or leased by the state. Provides for certain exceptions. Voids, as of July 1, 2013, any rules or policies enacted or undertaken by a state agency before, on, or after June 30, 2013, concerning possession or transportation of firearms, ammunition, or firearm accessories on land or in structures owned or leased by the state. Allows a person to bring an action against a state agency if the person is adversely affected by a rule, a measure, an enactment, or a policy of the state agency that violates this law.