IMPD steps up patrols in Broad Ripple


Indianapolis Metro Police are launching a new effort to protect people in Broad Ripple this weekend after several recent muggings in the area.

These streets are so crowded when the bars let out that police have to be prepared to call in extra officers if necessary. But that's not the only thing they're dealing with when it comes to safety.

Indiana University student Morgan Eldridge says she comes to Broad Ripple for the nightlife.

"It's like living in a house and walking into a room that you have not walked in before," she said. "Like your first few times out on the town at night."

But when the bars close, the large number of people flooding the streets is now forcing police to constantly work on their crowd control plan. That plan includes how to get people home safely.

Earlier this week Eyewitness News reported a series of armed robberies in Broad Ripple. Now IMPD is stepping up its efforts.

Metro Police have visible uniformed officers working Broad Ripple on weekends. You may also see mounted patrol, officers on bikes and support from officers working off-duty security at nightclubs. The department has not ruled out using portable street cameras either to keep an eye on party-goers.

Mixed in with the massive crowds could be a handful of people with criminal intent awaiting an opportunity and a younger group out past curfew. That's familiar territory for police.

"Some of the same problems we may have had downtown with different points and time with juveniles who are not supposed to be out after a certain time," said Sgt. Linda Jackson.

Officers are working on plans to deal with Broad Ripple juveniles, but even with heavy police presence on weekends, visitors like Morgan know that everyone needs to play a role in keeping themselves safe.

"You need to be able to look after yourself," she said.

Officers advise people to park in a well-lit place, walk in groups and never leave your safety to chance.

The "faith patrol" including the Ten Point Coalition will also help police with patrols.