IMPD seizes items worth over half a million dollars from suspected drug house

Justin Williams

Two Indianapolis Metro Police officers remain hospitalized Thursday following a shootout at a known drug house on the Indianapolis south side.

Two other officers were treated and released after being injured in a shooting on the southeast side of Indianapolis Wednesday evening.

The officers exchanged gunfire with 27-year-old Andrew Sizemore around 7:30 p.m. near South State Avenue and Minnesota Street. Police were acting on a tip about criminal drug activity on the city's southeast side.

Thursday afternoon, IMPD Chief Rick Hite told reporters that the officers were serving a "high-risk narcotics" search warrant following a Crime Stoppers complaint. Detectives requested the IMPD SWAT Team based on their assessment of the situation.

The shootout took place at what appears to be the nicest house in the neighborhood: New siding, a fenced yard, a play house and piles of toys for kids - and security cameras on all sides.

"We pass that house several times a day," said neighbor Irene Hooper. "Never knew nothing was wrong. I thought he was protecting his kids."

But police say Sizemore and his family have been involved with drugs and other illegal activites for years.

"This family is not a stranger to the law enforcement process. The family is known and has been for years," said Chief Hite.

Last night as SWAT officers arriving at the back door were immediately under fire, investigators say Sizemore was watching his security cameras.

The injured officers returned fire, killing the suspect.

"It really speaks to their tough-mindedness," said Maj. Ted Fries, IMPD SWAT Team.

Police found guns, heroin, prescription pills, $125,000 in cash and a garage stuffed with what they believe to be stolen property - worth between $500,000 and $750,000. 

"It shows us they were taking stolen property for narcotics. We believe that," said Capt. David Allender, IMPD Covert Operations.

Commanders say the investigation began with an anonymous tip. They credit community help and new police tactics targeting middle level drug dealers believed to be responsible for crimes ranging from murders to home burglaries.

"We are going to come after you and we are going to stop the violence in the community," Chief Hite promised.

Police also arrested five people in connection with the incident: 

  • Robert Morgan, 62, arrested for Dealing a Controlled Substance
  • Justin Williams, 24, arrested for Visiting a Common Nuisance
  • Paul Beard, 21, arrested for Possession of a Control Substance
  • Jacob Gobel, 20, arrested for Visiting a Common Nuisance
  • Andrew Spurlock, 23, arrested for Visiting a Common Nuisance