IMPD seeks suspect in north side robberies

Bisi Alex Olajide describes the robbery to Eyewitness News.
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Metro Police are looking for a man last seen near St. Vincent Hospital at Naab Road and Dugan Drive. The man, police say, is suspected of robbing a nearby resident at gunpoint early Thursday morning.

The victim, Bisi Alex Olajide, was not injured. He told police the suspect, described as a white male in his 30s, approached with a gun in the Carlton Apartments parking lot around 12:45 a.m. Thursday.

"He was knocking at the window with a gun," the victim said.

The suspect then forced his way into Alex's apartment and stole electronic items, including a laptop and tablet computer.

Then the suspect forced Alex back into his minivan, and made the victim drive west from the apartment complex to an automatic teller machine at 71st Street and Michigan Road to withdraw money.

"I could feel the gun against my neck and I was very, very scared," said Alex, who is from Nigeria.

When the Alex's card malfunctioned, the suspect made the victim take him to the apartment of a relative on Bridgewood Court, near Westlane and Township Line Road. There, the suspect forced his way into the apartment, waking Alex's brother and sister-in-law before holding them at gunpoint in an attempt to steal more property.

"He woke them up with the gun. Wife was real frightened. He said, 'If you cooperate with me, I am not going to kill anybody. But if you don't cooperate, I am going to kill you here'," Olajide said.

"I thank God, because I am still alive," said Funke Bamigbola, Olajide's sister-in-law. "I said, 'Please, don't hurt my kids, please don't hurt me, please.' I kept on begging him, 'Please don't hurt my family. Don't hurt my kids.'"

Then, according to information pieced together by IMPD, the suspect forced all three back into the van to drive to another ATM near 86th and Township Line Road. That trip netted no money, either, and the suspect demanded to be dropped off in the area between St. Vincent and St. Vincent Women's Hospital.

Police say the hospitals went on precautionary lockdown while police searched the area, but patients and staff were never in danger. Police searched for the man, but never found him.

Bamigbola wants people to not only know what happened, but that her prayers got them through the dangerous home invasion.