IMPD seeks second suspect in robbery sprees

Mario Clemmons, 23, is in police custody.
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Indianapolis Metro Police need your help finding a suspect in a two-man robbery spree.

One of the suspects, 23-year-old Mario Clemmons, is in police custody. But detectives say their second suspect is on the run.

Police have warrants for the arrest of 26-year-old Arsenio McGraw. Investigators classify him as armed and dangerous.

Avon Police released pictures of McGraw and Mario Clemmons on Facebook hoping to generate some leads. Robbery detectives say they can tie the pair to at least four armed robberies and they are looking into their connection with several other incidents.

Investigators caught up with Clemmons after he allegedly tried to cash in some stolen lottery tickets.

Right now, they are wanted for hold-ups in Hendricks and Marion counties. On September 8, Avon police say that after McGraw stormed into a gas station on U.S. 36, the cashier hid, so they couldn't get into the cash register. The pair left the gas station with little money and went to Brownsburg, committing a robbery at a Subway restaurant.

"Kind of puts us a little bit on edge," said J.P. Orlando, who owns Avon Sports Apparel next to the first robbery scene. "We've lived out here for 35 years, family's been out here and it's traditionally pretty safe."

Eventually, police say the men used a gun to rob a Marathon gas station on Bradbury Avenue, near Indianapolis International Airport.

Police say Arsenio McGraw may be hanging out on the east side of Indianapolis but is known to travel between here and Detroit.

"Business owners, everyone out there, small businesses and big businesses alike want them off the streets," Orlando said.

If you have any information that could help police in this case, call Crime Stoppers. The telephone number is 262-TIPS.